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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reviewed by FashionClicks

The China Silk Shawls
have been reviewed!
28th December 2009

Special thanks to Fashion Clicks
for reviewing us!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Handbag 002 - Chic

It's Pure White
It is the basic item that should be it your wardrobe
This leather-like handbag is easy to be taken care off
Suitable to be carried to workplace or campus
As it provides wide compartment for documents and books

A - Side look, neat stitching
B - Flatten based
C - Can be stuffed with documents and books
*Large storage*

Inner cloth lining

Back look

High Quality Handbag

Faux Leather
Cloth inner
Great zipper
*free pig-skin lining*

Height - 28cm / 11'
Width - 39cm / 15'

Handbag 002

Available in:-
Pure White - SOLD
Pure White - SOLD

Price: RM 56 only!

Handbag 001 - Sophisticated

A lady should own this kind of bag
as it portrays her professionalism
yet stylish and elegant
Neat, trim and proper
Suitable for all

A - Front look
B - Great zipper and handle
C - Side look , neat stitching
D - Flatten based

Inner part - Cloth, neat

Back look

Faux Leather
Cloth inner
Great zipper
*free pig-skin lining*

Height - 28.5cm / 11'
Width - 38.5cm / 15'

Handbag 001

Available in:-
Black - Sold Out
Black - Sold Out
White - Available
Purple - Sold Out

Price: RM 56 only!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Shawls - China Silk Crape with Italian Stitch

We are back with our great new shawl collections

China Silk Crape
with Italian Stitch

Very light , thin and soft fabric of silk
Be different with these patterns and colours

Rare in Malaysian market
Great to be worn as headscarf or even shawl
Suitable for those who adores simple classy patterns
Not too crowded and very elegant!
Great for all occasions

Shawl 006 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 007 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 008 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 009 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 010 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 011 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 012 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 013 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 014 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 015 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 016 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 017 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 018 - SOLD OUT

Shawl 019 - 2 SOLD OUT

China Silk Crape
*a lightweight , thin and soft fabric of silk*
Done using Italian Stitch
Suitable for our weather
Shines in photo only with the flash on
It looks better real life!

Length-188cm, width-54cm

One piece only for each unique colour
Please mention the code below the photo
in making your orders

RM18 only *steal deal*

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reviewed by FashionClicks

Hello there shoppers,
The new collection that was released last night
has been featured in Fashion Clicks
(24th December 2009)

Check it out!

Special thanks to Fashion Clicks
for supporting us!
Fashion Clicks rocks!

Christmas is tomorrow!
Happy holiday, folks!

Lots and lots of love from The CocoCloset ! <3

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wrinkled Flowery Tops

Fuchsia based

Blue Based

Green Based

Button sleeves (fold-able) and tied-able bottom
Front pockets
Wrinkled cloth
Suitable with our weather!

UK6-UK12 Fits XS-L

(Laid Flat and Wrinkles being stretched)
Length-77cm, Shoulder-41.5cm,
Pit to Pit-52cm, Hip-58cm

Available in:-
Fuchsia Based - Sold Out
Blue Based - Sold Out
Green Based - Sold Out

Price: RM 47 only!

*This is our favourite item for this collection!*
We personally admire this piece
Too cool to resist!

Long Wool Blouse / Dress





Quality Wool
Button sleeves and Front pocket

Free size
UK6-UK12 Fits XS-L

Length-87.5cm, Shoulder-43cm,
Pit to Pit-47cm, Hip-50cm

Great to be worn
with belt or clincher (*not included*)

Available in:-
Maroon - SOLD OUT
Turquoise - SOLD OUT
Grey-Blue - SOLD OUT
Grey-Red - SOLD OUT

Great to be worn as long blouse or dress
Can be worn with leggings and jeans too

Price: RM 43 only!

Long Knitted Cardigan

Thin Knitted Wool
Flare bottom
Suitable with our weather!

Free Size
UK6-UK12 Fits XS-L

Available in:-
Black - All Sold Out
White - All Sold Out
Dark Blue - All Sold Out

Price: RM 37 only!

Flowery Mini Dress

Pattern A

Pattern B

Pattern C

Pattern D

High Quality

Ruffle Sleeves and back straps
Stretchable back

Free Size
Fits XS - M
Suitable for petite ladies

(Laid Flat)
Length-81cm, Shoulder-39,
Pit to Pit-42cm, Bottom-71cm

Great to be worn
with belt or clincher (*not included*)

Available in:-
Pattern A - Sold Out
Pattern B - Sold Out
Pattern C - Sold Out
Pattern D - Sold Out

Price: RM 37 only! *steal*